Prabowo Subianto Beri Bantuan Rumah Apung, Warga Kampung Nelayan Jakarta Ungkap Rasa Syukur

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Jakarta – Residents of Kampung Nelayan in Muara Angke, North Jakarta, expressed their gratitude for the floating houses and stilt houses assistance initiated by Minister of Defense Prabowo Subianto, on Saturday (13/4).

One of the expressions of joy was stated by Iwan Susilo. He said that the assistance of the house given to him was very decent and comfortable.

“It’s very comfortable, the house is nice. If it were up to me, I wouldn’t be able to build a house like this. I don’t even have money for food,” Iwan said.

A similar impression was also conveyed by Delina. She mentioned that the assistance from Prabowo made the residents of Kampung Nelayan happy.

“Alhamdulillah, we’re happy with the assistance of floating houses and stilt houses from Minister Prabowo for our residents,” said the woman in a pink hijab.

In addition to receiving assistance of floating houses and stilt houses, the residents of Kampung Nelayan also received Eid al-Fitr gifts in the form of learning tools for children.

“Thank you, Mr. Prabowo,” said the children in Kampung Nelayan while showing a black school bag.

Annisa, one of the residents, detailed the contents of the Eid al-Fitr gifts from Prabowo. She took out several school support items for children such as pencil cases, books, and socks.

“It contains pants, socks, coloring books, a lunch box, a watch, a pencil case, and many more,” explained Annisa.

In total, 16 floating houses and 12 stilt houses with an area of 9 square meters were provided by the Ministry of Defense for 18 heads of households or 80 individuals. This is an effort to improve the welfare of the local residents who are often affected by flood and abrasion disasters.

In addition, green open spaces and public facilities such as desalination to convert seawater into fresh water that can be used by the residents of Kampung Nelayan were also set up.

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