Prabowo Subianto Apresiasi Dibentuknya Fakultas Matematika dan Fisika UKRI: Sangat Strategis

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Bandung – Chairman of the Indonesian National Education Foundation, Prabowo Subianto expressed his appreciation for the National University of the Republic of Indonesia (UKRI) which now has the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

Prabowo stated this when attending the graduation ceremony of UKRI bachelors at the Trans Convention Center, Bandung, West Java, Thursday (29/2).

Prabowo said the establishment of the faculty is a strategic step in line with the aspirations of the development of UKRI.

“I want to express my appreciation that it was designed from the beginning to help the nation, help the government to fill the sector (education) that at that time we felt needed assistance,” said Prabowo.

“I received a report, this year the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences was opened. Mathematics and Physics departments will soon be opened, this is very strategic,” he continued.

Prabowo revealed that until now, Indonesia still needs many scientists in the field of exact sciences. Indonesia in the future will need human resources who are not only innovative, but also able to operate technology.

“Our future, the future of the nation will depend on the ability to master technology. Technology is not just goods, not just buying (technology), but must be able to master, create, and operate that technology,” said Prabowo.

On that occasion, he also thanked Sufmi Dasco Ahmad as the Rector of UKRI. Prabowo is optimistic that UKRI will continue to grow.

“I want to express my highest appreciation, thank you today, especially to the Rector of UKRI, Sufmi Dasco Ahmad,” said Prabowo.

In addition to the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, UKRI currently has five other faculties, namely the Faculty of Industrial Engineering; Faculty of Social Sciences and Literature; Faculty of Computer Science and Information Systems; and the Faculty of Economics. (SENOPATI)


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