Antusias Ratusan Warga Jateng Lihat Jokowi dan Prabowo Makan Bakso Bareng: Semoga Tetap Merakyat

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Magelang – Hundreds of residents of Bandongan District, Central Java, on Monday (29/1) were overjoyed when President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto stopped to eat meatball soup together at a street food stall.

Jokowi and Prabowo arrived at the Bakso Pak Sholeh Bandongan stall after inaugurating the main building of the Military Academy (Akmil) Magelang. They sat at the same table facing each other and each enjoyed a portion of meatball soup, accompanied by young coconut water.

While Jokowi and Prabowo were seen chatting while eating the most famous meatball soup in Bandongan, the gathered residents were scrambling to capture the moment.

Not only that, since Prabowo arrived, they shouted to greet and shook hands directly. “I love you, Mr. Prabowo,” shouted the young women in the crowd.

There were also some men and young people shouting Prabowo’s name to get his attention and be approached by the defense minister.

“Mr. Minister of Defense, Mr. Minister of Defense! Handshake, Sir! Over here (not yet shaken hands),” said a young man in a black t-shirt while raising both hands enthusiastically.

One of the native residents of Bandongan, Risma (33), said she was very happy today to have the opportunity to see Jokowi and Prabowo. It was the first time she had met both of them, who she usually only saw on television and social media videos.

“Very happy. I got to shake hands (with Prabowo),” said Risma.

She considered Prabowo to be similar to Jokowi, warm and friendly to the people. “(It turns out) just like Mr. Jokowi, (Prabowo) is really friendly towards the people,” she said.

Risma also hopes that in the future, if Prabowo is entrusted to become president, he can successfully continue the programs initiated by Jokowi. Also, it is important to always remember the people.

“Only Mr. Prabowo can continue Mr. Jokowi’s programs. I support it. I hope he will still be close to the people,” she concluded. (SENOPATI)

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